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Kensington Underlay

available from 4.0 mm - 9.0 mm

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Key Features

Durable and long-lasting

High acoustic dampening values

Provides a sturdy foundation

Kensington Underlay promotes greater foundation and

sound insulation for your floors

Built with strength and resilience

Kensington was engineered as an underlay that can withstand great load pressures for different applications


Imagine a strong bodybuilder carrying weights with ease. We've made sure that our materials are packed with top-of-the-line rubber quality that is dense and strong. Combining the Natural Rubber's "natural' properties in resilience and tension recovery with floor application, you'll be getting a sturdy foundation that can stand the test of time.


For a Stronger Foundation

Known for its dimensional stability, Kensington particularly excels at being a great foundational support for your floor covering

It is built for areas that have high foot traffic, such as corridors, public areas in hotels, while still achieving great underfoot support


Durable and Sturdy

Much like a concrete slab, Kensington's double-sided flat profile allows it to feel like a subfloor


Its stability is further enhanced with a double-bonded installation method

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Project Applications



Jumeirah Beach Resort, UAE

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