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We provide a wide and growing range of accessories that are needed for any carpet and different types of flooring surface installations.


Our Bulldog Grippers provide excellent grip on your carpets. You can be sure your carpets will stay in place because our Bulldog Grippers will not let go once it gets a grip on them. Get its teeth like nails to sink into your carpet edging and you will have no worry of redoing the carpet job after it is installed. They can be used on concrete or wooden subfloors.

Specification: 4 ft  x 100 pc per carton

Nap Lock Bar

Our Bulldog Nap Lock Aluminium Profile Bars with their high polished finishes provide a neat edging to tuck in the carpet edges at doorways or between joints of different carpets and floor surfaces.

Specification: 12 ft length per piece

Heatbond Tapes

Our Bullfrog Heatbond Tapes are as sticky as the legendary frog catching the fly. They are quick, sticky and provide seamless adhesion for your carpet joints. Its high tack, aggressive hot melt holds tight to fibrous materials like carpets and rug backing making your carpet joining and repair work effortless and quick.

Specification: 10 rolls of 15 m or 20 m length per carton

Flooring Adhesives


Our range of Bullfrog Flooring Adhesives provide the answer to a quick and problem free installation of your flooring surfaces including carpets, carpet tiles, underlay, vinyl tiles and other types of resilient floorings. They include the Q52 Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive, CA Q60 Extra Strength Contact Adhesive, Q40 Double Stick Adhesive and Q41 Double Stick Tackifier amongst others.


Q52  - 3 kg tin

Q60  - 3 kg tin

Q40  - 4 kg tin

Q41  - 4 kg tin

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