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Regalia Underlay

Lien Huat's Flagship Underlay

available from 5.0 mm - 9.0 mm

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Adam Caar



Key Features

Balanced load bearing distribution

Versatile application

Best performing underlay

Regalia Underlay is a

well-balanced underlay that promotes stability and comfort

Quality meets Versatility

The Regalia Underlay is Lien Huat's Flagship underlay and where it all began


We pride ourselves the highest quality selection of materials for our underlay. Regalia and our other brands are made from 100% natural rubber has been sustainably sourced. Not only is it the perfect complementary underlay for your broadloom carpets, its waffle sponge profile allow it to be versatile for various applications. Our Regalia Underlay has been used for hotels, cinemas, commercial and residential spaces, many more.

Our Most Versatile Underlay Yet

Installed in more than 17 countries and in many applications, Regalia is a beloved carpet underlayment that provides a balance of comfort and stability


Whether its for a hotel, a mosque, condominium, office, cinema, or even a karaoke room, we've got you covered

Stable and Comfortable

Regalia's "waffle sponge" is designed with "small bubble" patterns, which is specially crafted to evenly distribute the top load without sacrificing underfoot comfort

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Project Applications



Lotte Hotel, Jeju Island,


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