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Fireguard Underlay

available from 5.0 mm - 9.0 mm

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Key Features

Non-combustable underlay

Natural fire resistant additives 

Excellent performance like Regalia Underlay

Fireguard Underlay strives to provide comfort through fire safety and peace of mind


Safety First

Fireguard was designed with safety in mind. Where public areas are, there we'll be. It has been tested to the naked flame to not be combustable and acts as an additional layer of fire-retardancy for your floors

Protect your loved ones

The purpose of fire-retardant materials in a space is to slow down the spreading of flames, so that it gives you time to escape. Fireguard helps with that.

It is suitable for confined public spaces such as ballrooms, karaoke rooms, cinema halls, and private areas that are further to the exit

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