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Natural Rubber

All our natural rubbers are taken from the best species of the tropical rubber tree – the hevea braziliensis and processed under stringent quality control according to their respective technical specification standards.

Synthetic Rubber

Standard Malaysian Rubber

Malaysia has been a leading pioneer and producer of quality Technically Specified Rubbers (TSR) for many decades. Our Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) Grades are known to be a premium quality rubber for the tire and re-treading industries. Besides the SMR grades, we also market brand names by approved producers. Each type of rubber is graded according to certain parameters such as dirt, ash nitrogen, volatile matter, Wallace plasticity, plasticity retention index, mooney viscosity and lovibond index.


TSR field grades are made from a blend of cup lump, unsmoked sheets, tree lace and remilled blankets. Our TSR grades are of the crumb grades or the mastication grades depending on the requirements of each customer.

Each standard SMR bale will conform to the following:

Delivery is made in containers. Each 20’FCL load contains 16 wooden pallets having 36 bales in each pallet. Total nett weight per 20’FCL is 19.2 MT or 20.16 MT depending on the bale weight.

Ribbed Smoked Sheets

All Ribbed Smoked Sheets are packed in rubber covered bales of 50kg or 111.11 kg each. The outside of the bales are painted on all sides with approved bale coating solution to prevent adhesion during transit. Each 20’FCL contains 18 MT nett weight.

Latex Concentrate

All our latex concentrate conform to the international standard ISO 2004 for quality. Minimum dry rubber content (drc) is 60%. Latex concentrate is shipped in metal drums of 205 kg nett weight. Each 20’FCL contains 80 drums with a total nett weight of 16.4 MT.

Special Rubber

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