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Aerostep Underlay

available from 7.5 mm - 9.5 mm

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Key Features

Sturdy foundation

Versatile application

Best performing underlay

Aerostep Underlay resembles that of a coffee bean, solid and reliable


Strong and Reliable

For those looking for a something different but similar to Regalia, the Cousin Aerostep can be an excellent choice for your carpet projects. It's slightly bigger waffle construction allows itself to a slightly more solid underfoot experience

Breathe Life

into your Environment

Known for its dimensional stability, Aerostep particularly excels at being a great foundational support for your floor covering

It is built for areas have high foot traffic, such as corridors, public areas in hotels, while still achieve great underfoot support for projects


Rooted in Strength

Aerostep's pattern resembles that of a Coffee Bean, and shares similar characteristics to it
Much like the shell of a Coffee Bean, Aerostep's pattern brings a solid walking experience

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