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for timber flooring

Kensington Light

Adam Caar



For SPCs & LVTs

available at 2.0 mm

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Key Features

Reduces noise levels up to 25 - ∆Lw dB

Minor self-levelling

Prolongs life of timber flooring

Kensington Light Underlay is a dense underlay that physically protects your LVTs, and SPCs

Extend the life of your floors

Kensington Light was conceived from the natural market sentiments towards wooden flooring, specifically Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)s and Stone Plastic Composites (SPC)s

In an ideal world, concrete floors and made out of sound dampening materials, and is perfectly flat and levelling all the time. But with the rising trend for quick-turnaround projects, many projects nowadays can benefit with Kensington Light being installed right before laying the final floor covering. It not only acts as a protection against minor puncture (learn more), minor self levelling, but it serves as an excellent sound dampener for your SPCs and LVTs.

Silent walking

All around the world, many residential projects have used Kensington to create a quieter environment.


Join us in our mission to reduce the overall noise pollution around the world


Its the new subfloor

Kensington is packed with pure density/sqft as it takes on the task of being the best acoustic foundation for your PVC flooring.

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Project Applications


Luxury Condominimum

Eaton Residences,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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