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for timber flooring

Lamiwood Underlay

Adam Caar



The Best Timber Flooring underlay

available at 3.0mm

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Key Features

Reduces noise levels up to 24 - ∆Lw dB

Excellent barrier against concrete moisture

Prolongs life of timber flooring

Lamiwood Underlay provides a firm foundation and soundproofs your floors

Lamiwood as your new subfloor

Lamiwood's high density is specifically designed to support the weight of your wooden floor boards. It serves as an excellent impact insulation layer/soundproof layer for your floors due to its high density construction. It is suitable for Engineered Wood, and Laminates


For added features, our Lamiwood Silver provides an additional moisture barrier against concrete moisture that may arise from unsettled concrete during construction. We've also packaged our Lamiwood Comfort into an all-in-one quick and easy solution that has an in-built overlapping foil for a full-sealing floor. This reduces the need to use a separate moisture barrier tape between seems

Easier maintenance

Lamiwood is an easy-to-install underlay, which complements the new shift in low maintenance flooring requirements.


Just use our one-motion roll out method for your wood floors, and leave the rest to Lamiwood


Protect your floors completely

Lamiwood's flat design is essential to a solid foundation. Where density plays a huge role in noise reduction performance, Lamiwood fills this role perfectly.

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Luxury Condominimum

Eaton Residences,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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