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Axminster Carpets

Axminster carpets are broadloom carpets or wall-to-wall carpets with a construction of 80% wool & 20% nylon. They offer the greatest flexibility in terms of design and colors. And with a pile density between 32oz per square yard to 48 oz/yd for different applications.

Machine Tufted Carpets

Machine tufted carpets are also broadloom carpets or wall-to-wall carpets with generally limited colors and designs. They are available in varying pile densities and pile heights.

Besides the above, we have other types of carpets such as Belminster, Wilton, Printed Carpets, and Carpet Tiles. Feel free to contact us for your requirements.

Carpet Tile Hybrid
Carpet Tile Hybrid

The Mandrake Series

The Carpet Tile Look with a Difference

The Mandrake Carpet Series is the first in our series of Carpet Tile Broadloom Hybrid product offerings for the innovative and discerning professional.

This comes in 4 variations of colors and patterns each with its distinctive fit for the setting you may need. The special feature of this carpet series is the visual impression of a carpet tile layout although this is a broadloom carpet. This facilitates the safe use of a good underlay for comfort in a carpet tile look without the risks of carpet warping at the edges. Thus, you get the look of carpet tile with the comfort of a broadloom carpet. Replacement of small areas due to damage or wear and tear is just as easy due to its carpet tile design.

MDK 13901.jpg

Mandrake 13901

MDK 13902.jpg

Mandrake 13902

MDK 13701.jpg

Mandrake 13701

MDK 13702.jpg

Mandrake 13702


Are your carpets and rugs slipping away from you? The answer is SlipGuard that makes sure that your loose floor coverings stay in place, exactly where you want them to be. This anti-slip mat can be used under any material or object such as rugs or hand-tufted carpets to prevent them from moving due to foot traffic, or accidental or regular impact of other objects.


Timber Flooring, Vinyl Tiles, Sport Flooring. Please contact us for further details

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