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Fireguard Series

The Fireguard underlay is a quality heavy-duty underlay that provides firm support for quality heavy-duty carpets besides providing protection against the spread of flames in the event of fire. Its special close pattern construction makes it suitable for heavy traffic conditions which are particularly demanding on your carpet due to its fire-retardant properties, Fireguard is used in public areas where public safety is of utmost importance such as banquet halls, entertainment centres, theatres, cinemas and hospitals.

Fireguard flame retardant underlays give special protection against flame spread according to BS4790 standards. Fireguard underlays is distinct from other flame retardant underlays because of its halogen free composition as it uses natural minerals as flame retardants. It contains no dangerous fumes or antimony trioxide, a substance that has been banned in some countries. Thus, it enhances fire safety standards for buildings and enclosed areas where the concern for public health and safety is a top priority.


Backing Material : Polyester Spunbonded Fabric / Stitch Bonded paper / Jute

Raw Material : 100% Natural Rubber

Construction : Waffle Sponge/ Bubble Pattern

Origin : Malaysia

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