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    Axminster Carpets Axminster carpets are broadloom carpets or wall-to-wall carpets with a construction of 80% wool & 20% nylon. They offer the greatest flexibility in terms of design and colors. And with a pile density between 32oz per square yard to 48 oz/yd for different applications. Machine Tufted Carpets -Machine tufted carpets are also broadloom carpets or wall-to-wall carpets with a construction of _____. They are generally limited to manufacturer colors and design. They come with a pile density between _____. Belminster Wilton Carpets Printed Carpets Carpet Tiles Carpet Tile Hybrid The Mandrake Series
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  • Carpets
    The Mandrake Series The Carpet Tile Look with a Difference The Mandrake Carpet Series is the first in our series of Carpet Tile Broadloom Hybrid product offerings for the innovative and discerning professional. This comes in 4 variations of colors and patterns each with its distinctive fit for the setting you may need. The special feature of this carpet series is the visual impression of a carpet tile layout although this is a broadloom carpet. This facilitates the safe use of a good underlay for comfort in a carpet tile look without the risks of carpet warping at the edges. Thus, you get the look of carpet tile with the comfort of a broadloom carpet. Replacement of small areas due to damage or wear and tear is just as easy due to its carpet tile design.
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