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Acoustic Underlays

Our Acoustic Underlay series is the perfect companion for your vinyl, laminate, composite and solid timber floors. Aside from providing some comfort, they have excellent sound absorbing qualities; reducing reflective walking sound and sound transmissions.


With a protective moisture barrier, you can protect your floor surface from the groundwork moisture, ensuring that the life of your investments is prolonged.  



Wooden Floor
Black Roof
Roofing Insulation

Our Kensington Advantage insulation system helps you maintain a comfortable living environment by acting as a heat barrier for your roofing system. In addition, its specially designed moisture barrier protects your home against roofing leaks and keeps it clean and dry. For a small investment, it provides you a lasting comfort for your home and a worry-free solution to your roofing issues.

Wall Insulation

Our Galileo Insulation System provides excellent sound proofing insulation for your walls. They are the perfect solution for your sound rooms, cinemas, recording studios, and other applications that require good sound insulation. Their sturdier construction makes handling and installation significantly easier compared to rock wool. They also do not contain hazardous chemical or physical materials that are harmful to health. The material does not disintegrate into airborne fibrous as in the case of rockwool which when inhaled will be pose a health risk upon exposure to its users.

Concrete Insulation

Our Lamitech Acoustic Resilient underlay is designed to isolate screeds from the main structure of building floors thereby reducing impact energy generated by footfall noise. Its high-density construction offers long-term performance and excellent impact sound improvement and vibration dampening.

Sports Flooring

Our Sports Flooring Underlay Series is designed to provide extra cushion to sport floorings such as gymnasiums, badminton courts, basketball courts, etc. Due to their excellent shock absorbing properties, the whole subfloor sits on an entire system of firm cushion which absorbs impact sound and reflective sound emanating from the sports activities. They also act as anti-fatigue lining to the top surface to minimize sports related injuries.

Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor
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